They key to a successful recruitment project is teamwork and good communication. The process is most effective when structured and systematic, as follows:

  1. The first step is to establish a very clear understanding of the ideal candidate and any acceptable deviations to the targeted profile. This is generally done via a streamlined and focused detailed discussion with the hiring managers.
  2. Second is to agree on a timeline and the step by step hiring process used by the client, or per our suggestion. It is beneficial that a specific ‘chain of events’ is established, and which can be shared with candidates at the beginning of the process. This supports our, and our clients’, credibility and assists in gaining a candidates’ trust.
  3. The third phase focuses on the research and identification of target candidates. This includes the utilization of our own extensive proprietary database, established referral sources, various online subscription services and basic internet research targeting relevant associations, trade shows and industry-focused journalism outlets.
  4. Next comes the initial, individualized, approaching of the target candidates. The specific methods depend on the existing relationship to the target, or a viable referral source.
  5. After a group of interested candidates have been developed, we begin the specific ‘drilling down’ on the areas of detailed qualifications, experience, motivation, character, life situation and long-term outlook.
  6. The selected final candidates are then presented to the client with a written summary, resume and subsequent discussion.
  7. The client commences with the agreed upon interview process.
  8. Clients are provided with candidate feedback after each interview and supported throughout all aspects of the hiring process as needed.
  9. After an offer is tendered, we work through the details of the acceptance, resignation and transition of the new hire.
  10. We maintain contact with the new hire during the first year of employment and provide feedback to the client as appropriate.