Robotics in healthcare is an often overlooked industry segment. While still in its infancy, we will see incredible developments to improve health and ease of movement in the coming decades. I look forward to taking up tennis in my 80’s.

Top Advances in Robotics Historically, robotics has seemingly produced more novelties than any other industry. We’ve seen laughably useless creations such as Harvard’s origami-folding robot and Disney’s sand-art robot. But now that the field has matured, the winds seem to be shifting in a more utilitarian direction. Robots can not [...]

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Though we will have hopefully defeated Covid, for the most part, by next spring, the likelihood of another pandemic is a reality. Adapting robotic technology, with a pandemic in mind, will certainly contribute to a strengthening of our nations’ security and prosperity. Long read but with some good insights

Reducing COVID-19 worker risks with robots Focusing on COVID-19 risks in the workplace has shed new light on the benefits of automation and robots and their benefits on the plant floor and manifesting in multiple ways. BY TANYA M. ANANDAN OCTOBER 6, 2020 Courtesy: Universal Robots/RIA As factories come back on-line [...]

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Robots and automation are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic

Robots and automation are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic Robots and automation are on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle and are helping manufacturers, health care officials and many more. Courtesy: OTTO Robots/RIA As the world continues to fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, robots and automation are playing [...]

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Great news!!

GM Plans Major Expansion of Lansing Assembly Plants March 11, 2020 LANSING, MI—General Motors will extend shifts and add more than 1,200 jobs at its assembly plant here. GM said it will add a second shift with almost 400 employees at its Lansing Grand River Assembly facility to support the [...]

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20 year Anniversary

Last Friday marked the 20 year anniversary of our President, Thomas Freund. After 11 years success in industrial sales and management roles, Thomas became a Recruiter on June 19, 2000. Since then he has helped hundreds of people improve their career situations and dozens of companies realize their growth plans [...]

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